Leadership Expert Chris Widener shares his

4 Transformational Leadership Secrets to Greater…

Wealth - Influence - Admiration - Legacy

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4 Transformational Leadership Secrets to Greater Wealth, Influence, Admiration and Legacy

Chris Widener shares his Leadership Secrets gleaned from 20+ years as a successful business owner, coach, consultant, mentor to thousands of entrepreneurial and corporate leaders, and from his personal and professional mentors including:

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn

John Maxwell

John Maxwell


Zig Ziglar


Kyle Wilson

You Will Learn How To:

  • Utilize Leadership Skills to Create and Build Wealth
  • Access and Apply the Top Skills and Traits of Great Leaders
  • Effectively and Quickly Resolve Conflict
  • Build, Understand, Motivate and Lead Productive Teams
  • Maximize Influence with Different Personalities and Difficult People
  • Increase and Grow Your Business or Company Through influence and Persuasion
  • Make a Positive Impact and Leave Your Mark On The World
  • Accelerate Your Success as a Leader
  • Build Rapport, Affinity and Increase Admiration as a Leader in All Areas of Your Life

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